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The ROOTS Arts Show


Shari Jones

The ROOTS Art Show Creator & Spotlight Artist

Shari Jones (she/her) is a visual artist born in New Jersey and currently residing in West Philadelphia. She expresses her narrative across multiple mediums and would like to partner with other creators who do the same. Shari's artwork includes locally sourced natural materials. She sees nature as a symbol of strength, unity, and resilience. As a Black person, Shari recognizes these symbols represented in herself and her community.


After struggling to enroll in other creators' art shows, Shari founded The ROOTS Art Show with accessibility in mind. Shari believes that Black and Brown artists, performers, and vendors who wish to amplify marginalized voices should have a safe and liberating space to do so. The ROOTS Art Show was designed to help you expand, collaborate, and connect with your community. You will leave the experience having promoted your own work, as well as the work of other passionate individuals with the same mission at heart. 

The Roots Art Show Team


Fantasia "SaySo" May

Fantasia "SaySo" May (she/her) is a creative, poet, and curator born in Brooklyn, NY, partially raised in Dover, DE, and currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. She is an advocate for mental health awareness and believes creativity is a healing tool. SaySo is also an entrepreneur and one of the founders of ArtLOVE, a collective that curates creative experiences such as monthly open mics fostering all forms of creative expression from dance to poetry. She also founded Good Vibes, a queer collective that curates communal experiences centering LGBTQ+ people of color. SaySo loves making others laughs and begin hosting in 2019. To this day she host many shows including the ROOTS Art Show and co-curates with the rest of the ROOTS team. 

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